Well, I guess I’m now officially the “silent majority.” Last month when I got a phone call from a pollster, my heart started to race, and I hung up. I’ve been thinking about why I reacted that way. Part of it is that in my line of work (publishing), you’ll be harassed and put out of a job for expressing a conservative opinion.

I’ve personally witnessed dozens from my community ruthlessly cancelled for “sins” like:

-suggesting JK Rowling is is not actually anti-trans

-calling law enforcement on people who are looting

-or writing a character the mob considers “problematic.”

In fact, out of my hundreds of contacts in publishing, I know precisely ZERO open conservatives. I’ve been told it’s like this in tech, science, and academia, along with other fields. I shudder even thinking about what would happen to me if it got out that I’m planning to vote Trump. But I’ve never been more invested in a candidate in my life.

I’ve noticed the extremism of the publishing world seep out into my inner circle of friends and church members and it disturbs me. See, leftist ideology presents itself as “enlightened” and “compassionate.” Beautiful instagram mommies post heartfelt videos about the unconquerable oppression of systematic racism. Accounts share distorted graphics about police shootings. Influencers self-righteously claim it is unfeeling to be pro-life and racist to criticize how others “react to their oppression” (while simultaneously excoriating anyone who dares want to go back to work or attend church.)

I get it. I used to be a leftist too. I thought I was more informed than those “ignorant, racist Republicans.” I valued intentions over practicality and earnestness over effectiveness. I ignored the fact that in the real world, most liberal policies don’t play out in a way that actually BENEFITS anyone. (Check out liberal states and cities–New York and Cali anyone? Rising crime, high unemployment, rampant homelessness, people fleeing in droves. The proof is in the pudding, folks.)

Women, especially in recent months, are easy targets for leftist ideology. We overwhelmingly and understandably want civility and kindness. We hate the rhetoric and the anger surrounding us. But here’s what we fail to see: This incivility in the politics?

It didn’t originate with Trump, y’all.

Sure, Trump loves to punch back. He can be rude, interrupt, exaggerate, speak without thinking. He has no filter whatsoever–not a politician in the slightest. But HERE is the incivility that concerns me much more:

  1. Incivility is when, statistically, 90% of Trump’s media coverage is negative. When his flaws are blown up and his successes ignored. Just imagine if YOU were lied about and mocked ruthlessly by late night hosts, media anchors, and celebrities for your looks, personal matters, and every. tiny. mistake. Would that feel “civil” to you?
  2. Incivility is shouting “racism!” when people say we should trust our judicial process and not jump to extreme conclusions after each and every police shooting.
  3. Incivility is when anonymous, discredited allegations against Trump (“losers and suckers”) are given more attention than the defeat of ISIS or brokering peace in the middle east. When positive news that could unite us is tossed aside for provocative headlines meant to divide us.
  4. Incivility is shutting down small businesses but keeping open Walmart, because, safety or whatever.
  5. Incivility is dividing people into oppressors and oppressed. It’s saying all whites and only whites can be racist, and hyper-focusing on the color of people’s skin.
  6. Incivility is when the FBI and Democrat party conspire to push a false Russiagate scandal that falls apart as one of the biggest hoaxes in political history. It’s obtaining a warrant based off known false info from a known Russian spy, and then projecting that TRUMP is the one who colluded with Russia.
  7. Incivility is Critical Race Theory indoctrination being pushed in elementary schools and at work, despite studies showing these trainings create further division in the workplace (For a fuller understanding of CRT, I highly recommend the book CYNICAL THEORIES by James Lindsay and Helen Pluckrose)
  8. Incivility is Biden shrugging off Antifa as “an idea” while trying to pin all the problems in our country on white supremacy. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think an “idea” is what caused billions in damages and killed dozens of cops/civilians for good measure. Just imagine if all this death and destruction were spearheaded by even the tiniest sliver of right-leaning protesters! We’d never hear the end of it!
  9. Incivility is threatening to ignore the Constitution and destroy the third branch of government just because you’re angry Amy Coney Barrett was nominated. Biden said, and I quote, “You’ll find out what I believe about court-packing after the election.” That lack of transparency is not acceptable to me. Though, of course the media lets him get away with it.
  10. And finally, Incivility is the fact that I’m forced to post all of this anonymously. That is not the America I want.

I want a future where kids are taught to love and feel grateful for our principles and our founders despite their mistakes.

I want a future where we respect our legitimate police powers and don’t turn a blind eye to violence.

Mostly, I want a future where we take control of our own lives and don’t look to the government to solve all of our issues. Where Americans are trusted to make their own choices.

In short, I want a future that looks more like those first three years of Trump before Covid hit. Record low unemployment. Record high enthusiasm. Slashed government regulations. Our 401ks were great, we had rising wages and tax breaks. I believe the future is bright if he gets re-elected. But the media hopes we forget about this period, or ANY good Trump has ever done. (Orange man bad, they croon, while dangling a hypnosis charm.)

We cannot let them win. If Biden and Kamala win, the media wins. The far-left wins. The mob wins.


So, TLDR? (Too long, didn’t read?) Our country needs a cultural shift towards mutual respect, equal treatment for all, personal responsibility, economic progress, SCHOOL CHOICE, and strengthening our families. That’s why I’m voting for Trump. And if any of my fellow “suburban housewives” resonated with anything in this letter, I hope you vote for Trump too. We may not always feel comfortable expressing it, but there are more of us who feel this way than you think.


PS please share this post. I’m anonymous for now, so help be my voice. Thank you.

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