Pence / Harris Debate, October 7 – Pence Finds Consistency and Stands His Ground


Kamala Harris and Joe Biden plan to pack the US Supreme Court, if they somehow are elected into office.

Given every opportunity to answer or deny this possibility, US Senator Kamala Harris, candidate for US Vice President, clearly and without any doubt refused to answer the question. She was borderline harassed by the Vice President during last night’s debate at the University of Utah, as VP Mike Pence repeated the question several times, urging her to answer it, but she would not. Her method was not insistent, as much as evasive.

She had nothing to say about the topic, which has arisen since the recent death of court Justice Ginsberg.

“Court packing” is defined by as “an unsuccessful attempt by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1937 to appoint up to six additional justices to the Supreme Court, which had invalidated a number of his New Deal laws.” It’s basically a way to fundamentally and enormously change the way America has always run, nearly deceitfully-motivated to create a system heavily in favor of one political party. It’s very controversial, and it’s never been done. Just the idea that it’s being discussed, and that Harris was not able to quickly and clearly deny the suggestion, is problematic for any American who respects what the Constitution provides.

One thread seemed strong on Twitter at the end of the debate: a strong conservative opinion that Pence won handily, along with complaints that both CNN and Fox were spinning the opposite.

I’m going with the former. Pence looked healthy and confident, red tie, white shirt and blue blazer, while Harris was sometimes visibly nervous, almost like she had been thrust onto the stage without being quite ready. If she felt that way, she was right. The seated VP didn’t waste any time, and took every opportunity to clear up mistruths and present curious contradictions in what the Biden/Harris campaign has said in the past few weeks.

Particularly on the topic of the Supreme Court.

Bongino: “That wasn’t a win for Pence, it was an annihilation. A complete evisceration of Kamala Harris. There’s no spinning this, she got REKT.”

Cari Kelemen nailed it with: “Kamala made one thing exceedingly clear: Joe Biden plans to PACK the COURT.”

And Senator Warren gave us her take, from the other side: “Donald Trump and Mike Pence haven’t just failed to lead—they’ve corrupted our values, eroded our democracy, and endangered countless lives along the way. Voting for Biden and Harris isn’t just an electoral imperative, it’s a moral obligation.”

I thought it was vague “made up crap,” and tweeted that back to Liz, asking her to say something more specific.

I don’t expect to hear back, but considered my reply a good use of social media (to express myself)!

Overall, Harris, who’s said to have wanted to be President since she was a kid, seemed a little rickety, tense. When she, near the beginning of the debate, held her hand up like a stop sign to stop the Vice President from finishing his sentence, it felt like she was reliving her days as a school bus crossing guard; it was very mommy-like and not very “presidential,” if I may borrow a phrase from her own camp. It’s worth mentioning, too, at least once, she was very repetitive, signaling to me a lack of ammunition and preparedness (or qualification), and also signaling a bad habit. She just said, twice, slowly, while he had already stopped, “I’m speaking. I’m speaking,” as she (not kidding) proceeded to go over her allotted amount of time.

The demeanor of the Senator during the debate felt very much like she was teaching grade schoolers. She was overly-nice, laughed during critical topics, and ignored critical topics, while practicing her posture and smile. I believe there’s a lot to learn about anyone from just looking in their eyes, and from a politician from looking at their smile. Harris smiles professionally; it’s not appropriate the way she pretends to be irresistibly endearing.

Pence, on the other hand, appeared sympathetic but strong, with a great demeanor, supported by confidence. I didn’t see, but apparently a fly landed on his head during the event. I must have been writing notes about how much of a waste it was of my time to hear a US Senator, running for Vice President, take time in a critical event to remind her kiddies, in typical repetitive detail, they should be wearing masks “for their own health.” Thanks.

So Pence mentions he’s working on a vaccine, which he hopes could be available before years-end, and Harris jabs at him that if Trump comes up with a vaccine, she’s “not takin’ it.” Regardless of the impulsive, thoughtless, canned answers, and if they may offend someone, Harris loyally fought to retain her ability to talk like a “regular person,” dropping G’s off the ends of most words like “taking,” once again sounding like a kiddie classroom. Pence struck back appropriately and immediately, telling the Senator to “stop playing politics with people’s lives,” and that her “continuous undermining of confidence in a vaccine is unconscionable.”

It sounded intelligent for a bit.

Listen, I’m not trying to be mean, but Harris lost, it was easy to see. It may have been the lighting, too, that didn’t do her any favors. She looked proud and, well, frankly, pretty white. Her biggest claim to fame on the day it was announced she was VP candidate was that she was black; all intended to signal great virtue. But she’s not; it’s really just another bold lie that incidentally might insult an American with a mind. She told the non-crowd during the debate she is the “second black woman ever elected to the US Senate”; the problem with this is simple; she doesn’t look like a black person, doesn’t sound like she’s black, and she ISN’T black. She’s Jamaican.

Harris announced “there was a time when our country believed in science,” ignoring the facts that Obama/Biden nixed NASA, and Trump just this year created “Space Force,” reviving space tech research with the military in mind.

There was medium-tough talk about raising taxes, a topic diluted by wishy-washiness on the part of Harris, as she insisted she and Biden would not raise taxes for anyone making less than $400k-a-year. Pence didn’t need to counter, only to remind her of her other points, that she promises to repeal tax cuts installed by President Trump, repeal all the foreign trade tariffs enacted by Trump (Pence described as “to fight for American jobs”), and supports an expensive, $2-trillion “new green deal,” with no plan on where to get that money,

She said she won’t raise taxes. Pence reminded her she said she would repeal the Trump tax cuts. Harris said “If you don’t mind letting me finish …” adding “Joe Biden will not raise taxes, and will not end fracking.” The claim by Pence she and Biden had said the exact opposite in the past is a fact.

Sometimes I tell people, if I told you what was happening, you’d think I was crazy. She just denies it, or changes it, or whatever works at the moment, and no-one seems to notice or care, and the media turns a blind eye. Pence’s summary of the same dynamic came at this point, telling Harris “Senator Harris, you’re entitled to your own opinion, but you’re not entitled to your own facts.” It’s a very shaky place to listen to backwards talking when the stakes are high and time is tight, and to say Harris’s performance was weak would be generous; it was inappropriate, unprofessional and dishonest. You have to “interpret” what she says, and that’s a slippery slope itself, but what you interpret won’t end up being nice, I don’t think.

Kids, I think she’s a big fat liar.

Her evading the question of packing the court is all you really need to know. That’s how she rolls. It’s disrespectful to the opponent, his campaign, the debate itself and the American voting public.

There’s one important thing Harris still has going for her after this debate; if you want a woman for President, you might still admire Harris. Just remember, in perfect form, she’s not running for President. In your mind, you’ve fallen for another apparent intentional misdirection. She’s not running for President. But to every person alive following the campaign, that sentence feels incomplete. It shouldn’t. She’s wishy-washy personified.

Harris took fake smile and condescending lessons from Hillary. Those are the reveals, and may be her downfall.

And if you’re a fan of “debunking,” the left’s creative tool they invented to show humans aren’t smart enough to think for ourselves, not smart enough to research, read, listen … Harris got debunked repeatedly, resulting in her sounding condescending, while saying nothing compelling. Vague on-purpose everyman speak. She went over-time at one point, with a final, dramatic, fact-free sentence she had to get out: “They’re coming for you.”

With NASDAQ over 11,000, she compared Donald Trump’s impact on the US to “The Great Depression.” No facts got in the way, as she showed her style, coming just short of saying hurricanes are Donald Trump’s fault. No facts got in the way when she said she “will not ban fracking.” This self contradiction is just a video search from your fingertips as you read this, along with other video of stuff the Biden/Harris campaign forgot they said.

This is an unprecedented political campaign in the US.

The world is watching, as we all begin to wonder the degree of misdirection. It does seem clear the artisans of the plot to destroy the America we know are Democrats and liberals, strongly speaking their truths sometimes by mistake, sometimes by lying and often by simply ignoring and distracting, as if we, American voters, are little puppy dogs, dumb enough to go for anything. We saw, on video, Joe Biden call American troops “stupid bastards,” and Harris, devoid of fresh stuff, tried to drag old lies about Trump out of the mud. She was bold, but her cause seems a big misfit for the country I live in, and her methods reveal a consistent lack of loyalty to the simple truth. Joe Biden said this past week Antifa is an idea, not an organization. If it gets the hair on your back standing up, you’re paying attention.

Short of preventing Biden from publicly telling young girls he’d “like to see them dance” (video still warm), the Biden campaign has done little to reinvent itself, come up with any consistent promise, patch up old but lingering contradictions and accusations against them, or address issues about honesty, other than possibly to tell Biden to back off with the irresistible catch phrase “c’mon man,” which we notably didn’t hear once this whole evening.

The woman reminded us she’s on the Intelligence Committee in the Senate. And while we know she and many Democrats have been consistently rude and impolite regarding President Trump, often calling him “racist” for no reason, creating a black cloud for anyone within earshot, her personal intelligence produced, on this critical night of intelligence-sharing, nothing better than the tossing of faux-shame Trump’s way, telling everyone people respect the leader of China more than Trump. While it’s brash and bold, even delivered with a slight tremor, this is just another example of a Democrat stepping in her own mess. We know the Democrats have had a field day bashing the President publicly worldwide without hesitation, at every opportunity. And now, she announces it’s Trump’s fault some of her supporters have heard he’s not such a great guy.

Thanks, intelligent Kamala.

This intelligent woman finds her next accusation easily. Trump “embraced dictators around the world.” The news-savvy among us easily remember avoidance of war with both Iran (which eventually sank its own fake American aircraft carrier) and Korea, courtesy of Trump in-person negotiations, not to mention praise from around the world resulting in Nobel Peace Prize nominations for Trump from three countries. We (and Harris) all know Trump built casinos and hotels, married with international flair, and knows lots of people. It only made the debate a little unsatisfying, similar to the recent Trump/Biden debate, when the Democratic candidate can’t come up with anything that doesn’t seem already-approved by the party line, anything new or off the cuff, but it’s especially unnerving when they backtrack poorly and contradict themselves on important facts.

Yes, he embraces dictators. I could also mention the no new wars he started. The reason Isis is no longer in the news every day with horrible, tragic inhuman goings-on, Pence reminded us, is because “when Trump came in, Isis was destroyed without one American casualty,” gracefully adding that earlier the same day (yesterday), “two Isis murderers were brought to justice.”

Thank you for reading so far. I’d like to ask you to consider something. If you’re a Biden supporter, I suspect you may not really be so much a Biden supporter, as much as a Trump-disliker. You may have heard claims he lies. This isn’t true. He’s very frank, and can be awkward, but he’s a real guy, and I haven’t seen him tell a lie since I’ve been watching him the past four years. I do the research and comparisons. It’s worth considering the possibility it’s untrue, that he is not lying. That one possibility makes the entire puzzle work.

It is literally the only thing the Democrats have. While being seen involved in misdirection and lies themselves, and while lacking in adding new information to any discussions, repeating themselves with spoon-fed nonsense that can be condescending, Harris’s big crescendo, her drama she should submit for an Academy award, involved her spouting last night about the US President, simply “he doesn’t understand what it means to be honest.”

That’s it.

Debunk that, and you’ll understand the entire moshpit of mistrust.

The quote of the night, appropriately, came from VP Pence, regarding packing the Supreme Court and substantially altering the Constitution: “I just want the record to show, she never answered the question.”

If you’re still debunking and rethinking, thanks again. Put that one in the pipe, and ask “why?” Why did Harris allow this to happen? She fell sitting-duck to Pence, and failed, Pence repeatedly hitting her with the same, simple question, one that’s critical to the future of America, a valid and important question, and on national television, over and over, she ducked it. Why? Debating skill? Minus ten points. Cleverness? Subtract another twenty. Honesty? Well, that’s what it’s all about. It’s up to you as a voter.

Harris came off like a kindergarten teacher, on the podium with no ammunition, overly confident of predetermined talking points, repetitive, overly-dramatic, anti-Trump and even anti-patriotic. Her refusal to answer about changing the makeup of the Supreme Court? Well, that’s too much for the kiddie teacher to tell the kiddies. Her performance was vague and important-seeming, but full of holes.

Taking a mile when given an inch to get to the end of a sentence, Pence could be criticized for creating the longest sentences in human history, as he edged to complete his thoughts against the moderator, but he made a great closing statement, noting “news networks are not synonymous with the American people,” adding “We can disagree, we can debate vigorously, but when the debate is over we come together as Americans.” Nice touch.

My final tweet: “The Democratic Party officially has nothing. They have no platform whatsoever. Whatever they are challenged about, they simply change their story. It’s like a wiggly snake you can’t get a grip on. Their platform – drama, accusations and voter fraud. Sorry Kommie, you had a shot.”

Mark Urso


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