Pre-Debate Update

NEW YORK, USA, JUN 17, 2020: Silhouette of republican candidate Donald Trump and democratic candidate Joe Biden. 2020 United States presidential election. US vote, Concept photo for November 3, 2020

Today is the day – and if you’re a into politics like I am it feels like Christmas Eve! I’m very excited to find out how many times Donald Trump will mention Joe Biden’s basement, what color Joe Biden’s tie will be, and who Fox News will declare the winner of tonight’s debate. In the lead up to the broadcast starting at 9:00 pm Eastern, news networks are buzzing with speculation about what will transpire at tonight’s event. We want to have a quick look at what issues leftists and conservatives are focusing on.

From the Left –

  • President Trump’s financial situation and the report recently released by the New York Times
  • A member of the British Parliament nominates Former Vice President Joe Biden for the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Trump’s apparent mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Debunking claims that Joe Biden will wear an earpiece
  • President Trump’s attack on healthcare benefits for citizens with pre-existing medical conditions
  • Voter suppression in historically black communities
  • Conservative voters’ lack of concern for any of President Trump’s flaws

From the Right –

  • Violence in recent months incited by Marxist organizations (Antifa, Black Lives Matter)
  • How President Trump’s financial situation compares to the payments made to Hunter Biden from the Russian government and Ukrainian energy companies
  • Joe Biden’s ability to answer questions without the use of teleprompters, earpieces, or any other assistance
  • The security of mail in election ballots
  • President Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court
  • If Chris Wallace will moderate the debate fairly

Among other points of conversation is the practice of fact-checking. The temperature of US politics is at a fever pitch and it appears that the majority of voters have already decided which candidate they will vote for. Undecided voters and those that have already made up their mind will all be tuning in to what will most likely be a primary topic of discussion for several days to come. The world will be watching.

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