The Forest Is Bleeding (America 2020 101)


Posted on September 23, 2020 by Mark Urso

The Forest Is Bleeding (America 2020 101)

A Good Look At Where We Are So Far

I could keep tossing out bits and pieces of evidence, fact, video, articles and insightful commentary, but it might be more helpful to talk about everything in perspective. The state of the union, by me.

America 2020 101

We’ve clearly divided into two camps so far.

I’ve discovered this by observing. While I comment on current affairs a lot, I observe ten times more. As a trained news reporter for 25-years, I find it natural to look for both sides of every story, and when I comment, I promise to be objective, except where I note specifically I’m giving my opinion. That’s how I roll.

I don’t set out to win an argument, nor think I even know what I’m observing, often! But when you look at current affairs as objectively as possible (which is my “m-o”), it leans left.

That doesn’t make me lean left.

That’s a good starting point. Let’s move on from here.

What we know so far is, I’m not trying to lean either way, though I’ll admit I’m proud to be an American. How that works its way into being mentioned at all (being proud to be American) … is the result of a uniquely-twisted pathway America is carving in history.

So please trust me, I’m your friend (if you enjoy the world as it is, and appreciate the often taken-for-granted amenities of being American, like freedom). Really super-simple stuff. If you’re thinking, “Hey, Mark’s starting to lean somewhere!”) then stop! It’s not happening.

While everything in our universe, including politics, tries to find balance, everything actually always leans some way. It’s not a question of if, just how much, if it’s extraordinary leaning. This reinforces my first point. I start in the middle … but don’t expect to stay there, as I observe the two sides of the argument (so to speak). I’m trained as a newswriter and interviewer, and I’m good at researching, listening and staying objective. The point is, it’s not a matter of forcing the universe’s things into perfect balance, but it IS a matter of noticing things that are very off-balance, if you find them while researching!

The world is full of both good intentions and way-whacky stuff. I try to give both a good listen.

On the other hand, not everyone can. It takes time and an analytical mind, these days, to just get off the ground understanding politics.

Many people are confused, and would agree, whatever their view is of the puzzle shaking the world off balance, there’s a missing piece, something they don’t understand. There’s something, anything, just one thing, they don’t understand. It might be explainable, but they might not have the gumption or time to figure it out. The observer might be younger and have less (as in “is this normal?”) to compare current affairs to. It’s easy these days for a non-political expert to, well, just admit they’re not a political expert! My point is simply that politics is a jumble that requires expertise to understand normally, and it’s currently much more difficult than normally.

So, I’ll tell you what I know, and let you draw your own conclusions. It’ll be like ice skating! It’s slippery, but I’ll try not to fall down!

We know there are riots that continue.

The problem when you investigate these riots, as things develop, is the Democrats are clearly, without any question, aligned with the violence. You might think, “They haven’t said that!,” or, better, “Why!?!?!?” That’s exactly the problem. There’s a missing piece. But what we DO know is ALL of the problems are in cities run by Democratic mayors. Saying this out loud, I do not automatically become a “Trump supporter,” I don’t take any sides; I can see this objectively. It’s undeniable that all the cities are Democrat, and similar problems (not enforcing the law) have been documented in these cities, particularly Seattle, for years.

We also know this: When the President (regardless of who the President is, as a starting point) calls a Mayor (of any political party, for example), should the Mayor ignore the conversation, instead just boldly insulting the President? That seems very strange, and notable to me as a reporter. Why are the Democratic Mayors so rude?

It makes you wonder. It doesn’t prove anything, but as we venture into news analysis, we have to include personalities. After all, it’s really the Democratic Mayor’s personality that got my attention. I wouldn’t even be mentioning her personality had SHE not been impressively RUDE. I always saw the President as someone trying to do his best under the circumstances, and he never caught my attention as being unnecessarily rude (at all, ever).

If you object, remember the balance; it really doesn’t exist; embodied in Jesus’s parable where he says “If you’re without sin, you throw the first stone!” As a reporter, I understand women don’t like an old video strangely surreptitiously taped at night of Trump saying something nasty about girls. Also, as a reporter, I’ll just ask YOU to get back on the middle of the road, while you consider being upset about that. Look around. Don’t throw any stones. You and I both know there are other people more worthy to be thrown stones at, than a successful businessman with a bad haircut the established political administration couldn’t “control.” He was never expected to be a perfect politician, and, as a reporter, he continues to impress me every day with how hard he works, how honest he appears to be, and how business-effective. Those things are impossible to dispute.

Good reporters do look for honesty. Trustworthiness is important in every relationship, and it’s a keystone to a healthy country for voters to love their leader. While the waters have suddenly gotten deeper (as I thrust information your way), just try to stay in the middle, and be realistic. In exactly the same way as I can’t say Trump never disparaged women (well, they do have it on video!), I also can’t say he always tells the truth! But if your yardstick is THAT impossibly, tediously judgmental, you will never have a President to love.

Look at all of them, not just the one someone “hates” with no good basis for it. How much of a basis is there for any “insulting” or fact-free emotional statement? Don’t current, professional politicians lose credibility when they lose their cool? They do with me! So that makes a big basket of today’s politicians unscrupulously uncool, with less credibility. I can’t analyze politics with someone tossing personal resentment-filled insults at the President, unprovoked, without clicking that Mayor down a few credibility steps.

Hillary’s pretty. Fact. Nice looking older woman, except I notice her fake smile. It’s undeniable, in my opinion. Usually I talk in a non-judgmental, unbiased way. It is a very good story, though, that can sway me to get a little excited. And today’s political climate is hotter than hell. So forgive me in advance! This pretty woman is still mysteriously absolved of deleting 30,000 emails on her private email server. The FBI calls it “extremely careless” but fails to prosecute.

The BBC said “she then relied on this server, (with) the email address, for all her electronic correspondence – both work-related and personal – during her four years in office,” adding “She did not use, or even activate, a email account, which would have been hosted on servers owned and managed by the US government.” Why? Why? Why? I can’t help but ask.

If it were ONLY about personalities, I’d forgive Trump for everything. He was never perfect, but don’t forget, our current lockdowns and shutdowns interrupted good momentum the “Me Too” movement was getting. Don’t forget about Bill’s blowjobs. Really, don’t. I don’t forget these things. They’re all, disgusting or not, part of the puzzle.

There’s some way-weird stuff going on. This does not help us to understand, thus, it would be a great default position for all of us to admit we DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING. Also to take a deep breath! The way-weird stuff also makes for very riveting political analysis!

You need to know history in order to understand what’s happening.

The more you know about history, combined with your age (older the better), the better armed you are to feel like things start to make sense. At no point will “making sense” be aligned with being good news; there’s a lot of surprisingly sharp edges to the current world’s affairs. There is a picture, though, hidden in the smoke, and it starts to appear when you apply a little nearby history (those of us still alive) with farther-away history (international relations, civil rights). There are valid reports of surprisingly-unethical things like a teacher teaching an 8 year-old “how to protest,” while the parents watched in horror while teleconferencing home-schooling, just as one example, which point to an additional reason younger people will be confused.

Please consider the possibility you had a rogue teacher, if you’re at odds with your parents over things you learned in school. We never expected to have to babysit the schoolteachers. But this creates a clear advantage when young people talk with older people. That is, if you dare. If you want to possibly figure out what’s going on. We will never be shunned, and all the parents I know will always love their kids. The idea, by the way, of dismantling the “family,” and creating a “society” where everyone takes care of everyone’s kids, is a Marxist idea that has been clearly stated by “Black Lives Matter,” an organization whose name seems like a big mistake.

Unless they’re lying.

If you read history, you don’t have to go far to find it’s a bunch of people trying to be honest and do the right thing, against a bunch of other people who seem dramatically and surprisingly inclined to lie, steal, pillage, and do big time corruption stuff. It’s like a good movie; find some history to read!

They do lie. It’s not uncommon, right?

Deception is not a new idea. Facts and technology can support this, not only supporting thievery and corruption, but our computerized world makes it easier to analyze and find truth.

Let’s look at issues, plop them in the puzzle, and see where they fit.

There’s the obvious, people don’t like Trump. This gets low credibility. As a reporter, it’s meaningless when I see tens of thousands of people at his rallies, supporting what I objectively had already arrived at. You can dislike him all you want, but I have no reason to think he’s not one of the best Presidents America has ever had. If someone hates him, they’ve given no compelling reason. As my default position as an American, I would need a good reason to just flat out hate the guy. It’s probably not going to happen.

Here’s an issue: Democrats align with violence. This is impossible to not see. They clearly don’t like it; one mayor called vandals “terrorists” when they spray-painted her driveway, another MOVED, and the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, announced the “violence has got to stop,” four full months after it started, for the first time ever saying the violence was a bad thing … when someone shat on her driveway. But they never stop it or denounce it, and protect it when the President wants to help. That’s way-weird.

The President has always spoken clearly in opposition to the violence. The violent people identify as opposed to Donald Trump, and BLM states “removing Trump from office” as one of it’s main goals. It’s an easy conclusion that BLM, violence, denying there’s any violence, defunding the police, allowing crime and, frankly, being hypocritical, are all aligned ONLY to the Democrats. It’s eerily obvious, odd if someone doesn’t see it easily. The media is mostly to blame, though fact-free emotion, instant video to the world and its accompanying “fame,” and the feeling of “doing good” are all things that aren’t the media’s whole fault, while they do spotlight them.

The Democrats’ curious posture should be suspected of going back in history; did Barack Obama’s administration hold the same political views as current Democrats? It’s worth noting the biggest influencers in the Democratic party, to see how trustworthy they are, if they talk sideways, smile funny, lie, throw insults … and especially if they ever seemed unpatriotic (the reason is, the current level of violence and bashing of the President). Does it seem noteworthy one side wears black, hides behind masks, has put up an obvious puppet for President and promotes violence, while the other side has simply labeled themselves “patriots,” and do none of those things?

A good reporter would suspect Obama and Clinton were in cahoots, and something is afoul.

It’s easy to see, if Obama and Clinton were getting momentum with something afoul, a new President was installed (Trump) who clearly wasn’t on their side, and who wasn’t a Democrat so probably not coming along for the ride, they might double-down. Seeing the public elect a non-expert in politics, why not drown him quickly? The entire idea of impeachment was a fiasco. It appeared the President was being impeached just because Nancy Pelosi doesn’t like him.

All the instigators of the impeachment had been in government for years, right? Think about it. But not Trump. Even all the people working FOR Trump, in the White House, were all already installed and friendly with the way to do business. Inevitably, Trump would face some turbulence, but probably he expected that.

The point is, simply, he stirred up the waters!

Farther-back history shows us the Jews didn’t actually start the Holocaust, which way-weird bit of untruth may have been taught to some students in public schools, according to a recent news story. Whether true or not, that our children are taught history WRONG, and taught that Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy … and the question WHY such a thing could happen … isn’t even necessary to tangle, because the fact it was in the news at all points to something very strange going on. It’s a great example of a piece someone might not understand right away, why it even exists.

It becomes noteworthy that Trump reminded an enormous crowd the other day that the Democrats want to eliminate “school choice” and get rid of all charter schools. I’m not holding your hand anymore. This is what’s happening. It points to something suspicious, yes, maybe worth looking deeper into, yes, and, scarily, it suggests a conspiracy that’s been in the works for years. It clearly aligns perfectly with many initiatives and changes which were embraced and enacted by Obama, some of which seemed odd, disconnected at the time. It takes time to implement a strategy of coup, and if it’s true, they would have taken their time. What’s wrong with charter schools? Without any compelling explanation charter schools were bad!

Democrats are the party defending abortion. Not supporting that abortion is allowed, sometimes a medical solution, but much more. They want to fund Planned Parenthood. This is completely indisputable. There are layers.

Nancy Pelosi presented a Coronavirus relief package, which would give citizens cold, hard cash. It was eagerly awaited by many, but rejected by the President and his Republican colleagues, causing a big stir. Layer one: The Democrats insisted that FUNDING PLANNED PARENTHOOD be included in the bill. The bill was always discussed in the news media as about COVID relief funding. The explanation why Trump rejected it was never explained by the media, making him look pretty unfriendly, not giving us our big bucks.

Taxpayers would be paying for abortions. It’s very important to Pelosi. She would not let it go. The bill failed because she refused to remove the abortion language. That is a documented fact.

My opinion? It’s one thing to accept abortion might sometimes be medically-viable, but another thing for me to pay for yours. 

There’s millions of dollars being made in stem cell research. This is related to abortion, because the research benefits from well-developed spinal cord material, which can be obtained from dead babies. No, I’m not making this up. The Democratic party, I’ll add, and you can come to your own conclusion, the same party which is overly-eager to have Planned Parenthood taxpayer-funded, also supports what’s called “near-term abortion.” That’s next, if it hasn’t already been snuck into a bill about road construction.

The deception, if it’s actual, lives wholly in the Democrat’s playground. The goggles I try to wear give me sight without prejudgement, but don’t disallow judgement once facts are collected. Add some more seemingly-disconnected facts, and the soup gets only hotter on the Democrat’s side; it’s going to boil over soon.

But if the master plan is interrupted, which I also think will ultimately happen, many who never tried to look at the whole picture will still be as completely unaffected intellectually as they were when they were babies. They’ll never know it and will probably continue to deny it.

If it’s true, this is a stealth project, done by professionals, involving not just the United States, but other countries, particularly China, a country over-ripe with population, blessed with technology and cleverness, extremely aggressive in international business, and with a history of playing unfair. I read today Chinese “courts” have a 99% conviction rate, in a story about a billionaire who was convicted of treason and put in jail for life, for saying something about “COVID” the Chinese government didn’t like. Yes, it’s a smaller world. If it seems overwhelming that’s understandable. It’s hard to believe the distances we’ve covered with growing technology all over the world. If some clever but sinister souls used all modern means available, and their plan was stealth, it’s quite possible they could get lots of momentum!

The cute one, Hillary Clinton, is well-educated. She did her college thesis on how to overthrow a government.

Just in case you didn’t know, Bernie Sanders is an avowed Communist. He celebrated his honeymoon in Russia. Hillary is a fan of Saul Alinsky, author of a book on overthrowing governments by creating chaos, who’s strategies include “accusing the other side of whatever you’re doing,” It’s indisputable fact, but not well-talked-about! The leaders of BLM have stated publicly that they are “trained Marxists.” Obama refused to salute the flag. Joe Biden has been caught red-handed in repeated lies, and footage is easily available. All of these things are discussed in my blog at with more detail and supporting information. But these are things this reporter noticed, which aren’t happening on the Republican side.

The facts keep falling into the same playground.

I am only the messenger, the collector.

What’s happening may be (all arrows point there) unprecedented, but may be also inevitable. For now, though, we should understand the gravity of the situation, and not get caught up emotionally in too-little arguments. Your posture should be objective, but if you do get sucked into an argument or have a strong opinion, be advised there’s a slew of possible things to get pissed off about, and focusing on some might make you miss some others that are even MORE important. Yes, that tree is on fire … but the entire forest is swaying, croaking, bleeding.

Please vote with your conscience.

It should not be because you hate someone.

Please keep reading. Be well.


Mark Urso

Twitter: A_Candle_Lit

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