History 101: The Missing Pieces


Posted on September 10, 2020 by Mark Urso

(the opportunity of America: to burn city hall)

Donald Trump represents America. What it is, what it’s been built into, it’s purpose, slogans, essence. His most awkward moves and missteps of the past reinforce what America represents; opportunity.

You think you know what opportunity is? Fairness? Freedom?

I challenge you to look at the whole picture. The world isn’t even hiding its prisons of innocents. In China, where we send all our hard-earned money, if you say something the government doesn’t like, the police will pick you up and you may never be seen again. I saw a video recently of Chinese police stuffing a woman into their van, against her will, five on one. She looked like a housewife. You don’t need to be a bad guy to be thrown in jail some places.

Most Americans haven’t seen tyranny. Personally, I’ve only read about it (like Hillary, who studied how to overthrow governments in college, honoring Saul Alinsky in her thesis). But I don’t pretend to think America sucks. I don’t throw every right and freedom in the trash, traded for the impulsive desire to spray paint some public property. I don’t put my country’s foundation of freedom at risk because I think I’m tough enough to turn the other cheek to violence, violence based on taking my freedom for granted, and violence only tolerated because of my freedom. You are creating the monster you despise, inviting it into your house, and it will arrive, and turn on you.

If you think it’s fun to be violent, you may get what you asked for.

America doesn’t run on charity, though she has been charitable. America has freedom, but it has cost many men and women their lives, over many years, to win and maintain.

If you think damaging relationships and private and public property is your right, and your message is worth it, take a moment to consider you would have been jailed or killed in a dozen foreign countries a long time ago for saying a single sentence, forget about enormous violent gatherings. And that’s because of America’s history of fighting for your rights. We gave our youth opportunity, and they used it to burn city hall.

That’s not what Donald Trump did with it. He saw America as the land of opportunity it is. It’s a place where anyone is welcome. Is that a bad thing? This country has been this way since it was founded; although not perfect, we’ve striven to overcome petty differences, and some of us, we can easily see, have found the opportunity. Others certainly have not, and are lined up today to claim opportunity was never given to them. That’s not true.

I grew up in New England. Someone said once or twice, in America there is freedom; anyone can come here and be successful if they work hard. It was very true, evidenced by the wide variety of people here; we called it a melting pot. France gifted us a statue, that would stand at the harbor to welcome new immigrants. Freedom, opportunity and welcoming people from all around was always America’s mode of operation. We’re famous for it.

I never thought, though, it was always true. Deep down, I knew, to be a politician you need to play the game. Know people, make compromises, accept gifts and be indebted. There were entire worlds, in politics, business and entertainment, I always thought were really only attainable if all your planets were perfectly lined up, and with a bit of luck on top of that. I was just being realistic.

Then came along Donald Trump.

It’s hard to defend the guy. He had orange skin and a ridiculous haircut. He was very proud, nearly to a fault, but had built great things; I associated him with his TV show, and the beautiful statement he made in Chicago, a glass skyscraper that dominates the welcoming pathway upriver as you approach the city; it’s spectacular. But he wasn’t going to be President. Nobody thought that was going to happen. In fact, had Hilary Clinton deleted just one fewer email, had she smiled her fake smile just one less time, evaded perfectly good, politically-competitive questions, instead smiling arrogantly and laughing as if she’d won already, one less time, she would have won.

Too bad, Missus Clinton. She is no longer a politician, only owner of a multi-million-dollar empire she and Bill built entirely while they were politicians. I was spot-on, after all, with the idea that “knowing the right people” is important; the Clintons and Obamas turned from normal families into money-making-machines while they were politicians. The two families are friends, and both are rich, but they weren’t always.

Then comes along this ass, a guy we haven’t slept with, shared secrets with, given gifts to or received any from, and he looks like a doofus. That’s what happened. Donald Trump was seen as a spoiler, a boy who had never been indoctrinated. From the public’s perspective, he was a never-been-a politician. Don’t you think Hillary and Barack got together, saying “what do we do?”

The doofus wouldn’t cooperate. After awhile, he got his hair fixed, and his skin slowly turned back to normal when he stopped using tanning cream. You know the American public is paying attention, when they notice the specific beauty products a man is wearing. From the public’s perspective, he was cleaning up. But when he (proudly) dismissed the established “modes of operation,” looking for a clean sweep, an overall overhaul of things around the White House, don’t you think the folks who’d been there for years got a little clammy-handed? She doesn’t have an easy temper (you can tell by the look on Bill’s face sometimes, and her fake smile); people know these things.

Then we watched the take down. As a member of the public, I was amazed that a man who was not a career politician actually became President of the United States. Yes, they counted, and recounted, and we were all a little dumbfounded. Something inside me said “go, man go!” just hoping to see some swift, intelligent decision-making. But as hopeful as I was of the “American dream,” the “land of opportunity,” and a non-politician winning, I, like most, was still on the fence. Maybe he’ll drop the ball. Some people seemed sure it would end in chaos.

The opportunity was easy to see for the in-house staff to take the offensive.

Everything we saw, and everything we’ve seen since Donald Trump was elected, for a full four-years, has been an effort by Democrats to discredit the man who represents opportunity, to the point where good decision-making, for them, is a distraction to their main goal; to kill the beast they think is Trump. It’s absolutely anarchic and so self-serving you’d think only an idiot would fall for it. The plan to take Trump down (I call it “The Vision of Division”) was never purely just in spite of Trump; it was to maintain momentum on whatever secret important long-term plans the Democrats had. It’s only evident in retrospect, but seeing how obsessed most Democrats are now, how they’ve abandoned facts because they ran out of them, continuing to insult even if they look like fools, we can see now, in hindsight, there’s a gold mine hidden somewhere. It’s not Trump; he’s just in the way. And by the way the pushing and shoving makes no sense, the true explanation is either truly embarrassing to someone, or nefarious.

There’s a missing piece to this puzzle. When Nancy Pelosi insists abortion language be hidden in, and not removed from, a bill that’s advertised as “coronavirus relief,” and the conspiring press (TV and news owned by Democrats) doesn’t tell the American public about the MANY controversial items the Democrats put in that bill, and as a result Trump refuses to agree to it, I think the missing piece is old and well-established (like Bernie Sanders).

My dream came true. I still can’t believe it. America is currently being run by a guy who didn’t do politics his whole life! Amazing! I didn’t even think it could happen when I was a kid! I’d like to give the man a hug, whether I like him personally or not, because he represents America, the land of opportunity, where freedom reigns, where everyone has the opportunity to be successful if they work hard.

Somewhere during his Presidency we all got confused, because the media sided-up with Pelosi and Clinton. They had agendas, and all being Democrats, they got with Murdoch, who owns hundreds of TV stations and newspapers, and agreed to work together. As an American, I found it easily offensive when long lists of news stories would be piled up, one after another, quality no consideration, all with headlines aimed to create disrespect for the President.

I still feel that way. The landscape of journalism now includes Twitter and thousands of cowboys learning to put sentences together for the first time, not journalists, just hobbyists making a dollar. There are few news outlets making any effort to be unbiased. My experience of thrill at the prospect of a non-politician in the Oval office was diluted quickly as the Democratic party decided the First Amendment was also in their way, as they attempted to destroy a seated President.

Nasty stuff.

I can still write. But I’m not sure what I’m saying sometimes. There’s nothing but fire and boiling brimstone in the news, mixed with headlines that lie. They get caught, but no-one reports it. The scandal is almost complete.

You can still read this, and we can vote. That’s about all I have to hold on to until the election is over. I expect Trump to win re-election by a good margin, as the deceitful ways of the Democrats, including their top leaders, will continue to come back to haunt them. Americans, just like Donald Trump, are proud, for good reasons. We will not forget the basic principles this country is founded on, nor let it topple.

In the meantime, news will continue to be a personal spat more than hard-hitting facts. Americans need to look beyond the collection of Democratic hate-headlines that fall into place everywhere, even on Google News. With a one trillion-dollar market value, I don’t think Google sleeps with Murdoch, but Google News doesn’t originate stories; it’s a good example of a machine that attempts to collect the “what’s available” basket of news each day. I can save you some time. The stories say “Trump did this bad,” followed by “So and so thinks Trump is dumb.” It goes on endlessly. Any normal-thinking person should wonder where the rest of the stories are. They’re never written.

But I can try. I’m just a balance geek, trying to spread out the love, to balance with the hate. The only way is to be honest. And the only honest ammunition I have is Donald Trump. The guy’s awkward, because that’s truly the way he is; he showed up pimples-and-all to learn how to lead the country. He didn’t practice for 40-years, earning paybacks and attaboys he can cash in now. He had to learn how to brush his own hair. That’s how real Donald Trump is.

He missed his appointment at the beauty shop; his job was more important!

Please pray for America, and cast your vote, if you can, in person.


Mark Urso


Twitter: A_Candle_Lit

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