Thursday, May 6, 2021

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America Hits Historic Lows for Respect From Other Nations, Biden Stumbles Incoherently and Forgets Mid Sentence

The Weak Leadership in AmericaAnd its Consequences Around the World An Australian political...

Settling Tensions Within The GOP Establishment Between Populist Conservatives And Social Conservatives

A recent announcement and subsequent post on Breitbart proclaiming Caitlin Jenner’s Gubernatorial bid against Gabardine Gavin Newsom...

Police Nationwide Adopt New Policy to Call Lebron James During Knife Fights

Great news! Say goodbye to police brutality! Finally, someone has solved...

Woke Medicine Destroys The Hippocratic Oath

Wokeness has infiltrated every corner of society. It is now entering the world of medicine. By medical practitioners buying into the psychological disease of wokeness they are breaking their Hippocratic Oath and Civil Rights amendments.

There Is An Ideological Civil War In America And Conservatives Are Losing

America is in an ideological civil war and conservatives are losing! 'Wokeism' and 'cancel culture' are being propagated at break neck speed. We see and hear it on our television screens, on the internet, in magazines, on billboards, and out of Washington D.C.

The Truth is Sizzling on Twitter

This won't take long. My friend Sean has the President on his talk show in a half-hour...

What Went Wrong with Daunte Wright

Daunte Wright was a 20 year-old black man fatally shot by a police officer in Brooklyn Center,...

Will History Give Credit to Biden for Trump’s Rollout of the Vaccine and Operation Warp Speed?

A Cure For Covid-19 Will history give credit to Biden for Trump's rollout...

Great American Race Game – Afterthoughts of a Question to the Director

Last week we reported on the release of a new documentary film - Great American Race Game....


The Truth is Sizzling on Twitter

This won't take long. My friend Sean...

Equality Bill Sets Women Back 120 Years

The US House of Representatives have passed...


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